About Ro'ya TV

Roya is a new satellite channel, transmitting from Amman, Jordan, and joining the larger media package of the Sayegh Group. Our expertise stems from our ownership and management of another channel that transmits from Dubai – “Decision Makers”. The mission behind launching a new television station is to delve the Arab visual media into the third millennium – hence our inception on the 1st of January 2011. We aim to provide media content through a modern and digital vision that responds to the aspirations of the Arab and Jordanian viewers both internally and externally. A fully integrated program has been designed for Roya which contains current affairs, culture, entertainment and a variety of other programs.

Why work with us?

Roya TV stands for quality in every aspect of managing its operations, including human resources. Our employees worldwide are self-oriented to our human resources quality mission. Every single one of our employees is “hand-picked” as much for their personality and disposition as for their background, experience, and qualifications. We place a great deal of emphasis on quality recruitment focused on hiring for ability to learn fast, work hard, get on with people, and get things done. We believe in the uniqueness of each employee. We encourage individuality and entrepreneurial spirit. And we are committed to attract, develop and retain talent.

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